Turned Down for a Home Mortgage Loan

Turned Down for a Home Loan?

  1. Turned Down for a Home Loan?
  2. Did your W2’s have too much commissions?
  3. Did you have too much overtime?
  4. Do you own too many properties, where the Banks have a limit?
  5. Did your Credit Union turn you down?
  6. Did your bank turn you down?
  7. Were you deceived, rejected and left out to dry?
  8. Do you own too many properties, where the Banks have a limit?
  9. Do you want to take title in a Trust, a Partnership, LLC or even a Corporation?

These are all issues we see every day. And for us it’s not a problem. We have worked with a lot of people who have been turned down for a Home Loan. For many of them we have been able to obtain the loan that they needed and wanted.  In addition we have also worked with some of our clients to take them thru the steps to get a loan in the future.

We are your partner working with you and your unique circumstances to make sure that you get the loan you deserve. Because we believe that every one deserves the opportunity to get a home loan.

In our 40 years we’ve learned how to navigate the mortgage process to be able to overcome bank restrictions and get loans funded. And not just an easy conventional loan, loans that require the expertise to see between the lines.

We can help obtain a home loan for you!  We look outside the box.

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