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Westlake Village, CA 91362


Who We Are:
We are a  DIRECT LENDER Banker, also an ONLINE Mortgage Lender, that can offer many other options that others may not. We realize that while the Internet makes applying for Home Mortgage Loans online easy and efficient, it’s nice to be able to pick up the phone and feel that personal touch. (805) 374-6000 Steven M. Marche, President at your service. or Click on the RED or Green buttons on the home page.

Great American Funding Corporation is a Direct Mortgage Lending Source which allows us to offer hundreds of  Mortgage Loan programs from which to choose. A Mortgage Banker can obtain lower rates and SAVE you money. We get paid by the Big Banks, to do their job better, faster, quicker, less expensive and with lower rates!

We’ll find a better mortgage and one that is best for you according to your specific needs and requirements. So you want a 1st, 2nd or even 3rd Mortgage, can do it. We do ALL the research, the paperwork and follow-up on all the particulars, avoiding common and often costly mistakes made by home loan shoppers. In business since 1977, our excellent reputation and long list of satisfied clients are testimony to our expertise and thoroughness.  If you want an Expert Guide thru the process, then call us today!
Reasons to Use Great American Funding Corporation

  • We obtain your loan at wholesale rates and SAVE you Money!.
  • We Custom Tailor the Right Home Loan to Fit your Personal Needs!
  • Great Credit, but you were turned down?  We can help you!
  • Trouble Qualifying – We have Hard Money -“STATED INCOME” Loans – Private Money Estate Loans
  • Take the Title in the Name of your Trust, Corporation, Partnership or LLC.
  • Out of the Box Loans – less Scrutiny! – 1st, 2nd or even a 3rd Mortgage.
  • Sprucing Up or Moving Up. Relocation Specialist – Special Programs
  • Learn the Secrets only Mortgage Bankers know.
  • Save Thousands on your Home Mortgage Loan Purchase or Refinance.
  • No Tax Returns – Low Score -Bad Credit- BK -Short Sale- Turned Down?-  Loan rejected?  Stated Income - We can Help!
  • We have the Competitive Edge! Call about locking in your loan today!
  • We are able to obtain the Best 30 yr or 15 yr FIXED rates!
  • 3% Down First Time Buyer  programs
  • 10% Down and No PMI.
  • FREE in office “See what amount of Home Mortgage Loan you qualify for”
  • Mortgage Broker service – so we shop for you!
  •  Pre-Approvals. Let Steven M. Marche guide you to an APPROVAL!
  • We are located in the heart of Westlake Village, however we serve the entire State of California!

The only Good Loan is a Closed Loan!

“First the loan, then the home”

805-374-6000 is the number to call a Direct Mortgage Lender, when you want to Refinance or Purchase a home.