Credit Scores:  We share with you on this short video, the simple and FREE ways you can improve your credit scores! Call Steve at 805-374-6000 Today!

Videos tell the story why you can have a better experience with Great American Funding Corp., than the Big Banks or even your Credit Union! We concentrate on you, and do not give up until we find a Loan solution for you.

Mortgage Rates Interview with KTVA:



Great American Funding Commercial:



We are a Direct Lender:  What does that mean? We eliminate the Brick and Mortar of the Big Banks and with our 38 years of experience share with you the step by step methods of obtaining a Real Estate Loan.  The Benefits:  We do not charge points, and work with the wholesale banker to fund your loan.  Everyone is totally different.  With different spending habits, credit obligations and income generated everyone needs the expertise to present your loan request.  We have the dedication and perseverance to get the loan request completed.

A impromptu video, a surprise visit from a friend for me to explain how you can obtain more interest on your money.

A video explaining that there are many pieces of the puzzle.  We take care all these pieces, to make the loan process easy for you! Most of all, we let you relax while we work for you!

What is the difference between a Bank Clerk or a Professional Mortgage Planner?  This video will give  just an eye opener why you should use a great Direct Lender, it does not cost, is pays to use a Professional!