2nd Trust Deed Mortgage Loans

What is a 2nd Trust Deed Mortgage Loan?

There are many advantages obtaining a 2nd Trust Deed Mortgage, one of the advantages is you have a Business Venture and want Business Capital quickly. We can leave your original mortgage intact so you can keep your low rate.  You can obtain up to 65% loan to value including the existing 1st Mortgage. Another advantage to obtaining a 2nd Trust Deed Mortgage is you can get money to improve your home and avoid paying or it over a 30 year period. A final advantage to obtaining a 2nd Trust Deed Mortgage is getting funding, and if intent was Business, please consult your Accountant that it may be a Business write off.

  • You have a great First Mortgage and the Interest rate is really great why disturb it?
  • You just want a 2nd Trust Deed for a short period of time.
  • You have a business venture and need Money quickly
  • You want to improve your home and you do not want to pay for it over 30 years.
  • You have a construction project and you must have money to complete it – we can help!
  • Why pay the fees to refinance when can only pay the fees for a 2nd Mortgage.

2nd Trust Deed Mortgage  Loan Eligibility

To become eligible for a 2nd Trust Deed Mortgage there are government requirement to be approved and also general guidelines. One of the main guidelines is the income requirements which require you to document your income and be able to fit into the guidelines. For Example: if your home is worth $100,000  if you owe $50,000, your equity is also worth $50,000.  In this instant we can approve a loan up to $15,000. You can now use this money for home improvement, late bills, or taking that needed vacation.

2nd Trust Deed Mortgage Interest rates

Your interest for your 2nd Trust Deed, will be determine on several different factors: Including but not limited to your credit score, how much you want to borrow, how much your home is worth, and even your income. Give me a call today so we can look over your information, so we can provide you with a great interest rate that you can qualify for.

Qualify for a 2nd Trust Deed Mortgage Loan Today!

2nd Trust Deed Mortgage Loans are a great option for borrowers who need money for their home equity. There are many benefits to 2nd Trust Deed Mortgage Loans and they are a great option if you have equity in your home.  Call Steven Marche of Great American Funding Corp. is a leading provider of 2nd Trust Deed Mortgage Loans, in Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills & Camarillo, as well the whole state of California.  For more information on 2nd Trust Deed Mortgage Loans contact Steve today at 805-374-6000.