Mortgage & Refinance Home Loans in Westlake Village

Mortgage & Refinance Westlake Village

Local Business Owner and wife: Each time this couple would go to their local bank in Westlake Village, a Loan Officer of that bank would come over to them to solicit them to refinance their home loan. Finally after 3 months of being approached, they decided to sit down with this Loan Officer of the Bank to talk about refinancing their home loan. They were just asked basic questions by the Loan Officer to see if it made sense for them to refinance.

Well… you guessed it, the bank got them to proceed with the promise of a new loan on their home. The Bank did an appraisal on their home that the couple paid for. Then after a few months went by with no communication from the bank to the clients, this couple was told they were being declined for the new loan. The bank never explained why this couple could not obtain a loan from them. Unfortunately, this is normal procedure for a bank to spend a client’s money on ordering an appraisal without looking at the whole picture to see if they would even be approved for a loan in the first place. This causes a lot of frustration for refinance customers in Westlake Village California.

Just so you know, this couple’s income and credit were both good. So, there had to be more to the story as to why the bank turned them down.

Luckily, this Couple had enough sense to Not end their search to refinance with the bank’s denial. They came to Great American Funding and asked us to take a look at their loan situation . After 1 hour of listening to them and knowing exactly what kinds of questions to ask, we figured out a way to obtain them a loan approval and save them a lot of money every month, too!

Here is how it is going to go down: The couple are going to pay off their existing home loans and a few of their credit card debts. They will obtain a new loan, which will save them overall: $1,000.00 per month!

Again, Great American Funding Corp. comes thru with Savings, an APPROVAL & a timely CLOSING!Ā Mortgage & Refinance Home Loans in Westlake Village

Call Steve for an appointment today. We are located in Westlake Village. No obligation to proceed. 805-374-6000. When did you want to start saving money, too?