Ventura Mortgage Broker

Ventura Mortgage Broker

What You Need to Know to Obtain a Mortgage to Buy a Home!

If you are purchasing a home anywhere in Ventura County, such as Oxnard, Camarillo, Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village Agoura Hills or surrounding areas there are important steps you need to take first before making an offer.

Always remember, “First the Loan, Then the Home!”

  1. You need to be Pre-Approved. This means sitting down with a Professional Mortgage Brokerage to scratch out a plan in Writing and following it to the letter. This lets the Seller know that you are serious, but most all you have went through the Qualifying process.
  2. Finding the right home and location is important. Utilizing the Pre-Approval you just completed in #1, allows you to now present an offer with your Realtor ┬« to the Seller’s representative.
  3. Once your have an offer accepted, make sure you have a licensed inspector go through the home in detail and give you a complete report. Make sure the inspector discusses the entire report with you about this home.
  4. When you have reviewed and understand everything that the inspector has in their report, you can finalize your Purchase agreement and Sales Price accordingly with you Realtor ®.
  5. In step #1, your Mortgage Professional will give you a list of items to document your income and assets to purchase your new home. This must be completed for the Final Loan Approval.
  6. Once the Seller has accepted your offer by signing the Purchase Contract, then the lender will continue the process of completing the approval. Example: A. ordering the Appraisal of the property. B. The Escrow Company will complete their process, while checking with the Title Company who searches the property records. This is known as a Title Search.
  7. Final Loan Approval with all lender requirements satisfied, Loan Documents ordered and signed with a Notary.
  8. Lastly… the Final loan closing when the County records the new Deed of Trust in your name and the house is yours!

Mortgage Rates and Costs in Ventura County:
How to make your Purchase the Most cost effective. There are costs associated with buying a home. There are great ways to eliminate some or all the costs when purchasing a home. You can reduce some of the closing costs, with options that a professional Mortgage Broker can suggest to you. Ventura County mortgage rates can be reduced by having the seller buy down your rate. We can show you how.

Planning how to deal with the settlement costs can save you money in the future. This all depends on how long you plan to live in the property to recover the costs.

The Benefits to Using Great American Funding Corp, A Professional Mortgage Brokerage:

  • 38 years of experience
  • Professional and Honest Service
  • Direct Lender
  • Personalized, VIP Service
  • Referrals to Top Notch Realtors in your area
  • We offer FREE time in our offices, to prepare a Loan Pre-Approval, with no obligation -just knowledge!
  • Help with credit issues
  • Help with Self Employed situations to get that loan Approval!┬áVentura Mortgage Broker
  • Getting Up to Date Mortgage regulations to obtain the loan Approval!
  • Fast Closings!

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