Improve your Credit Score for FREE

Improve your Credit Score for FREE – By doing some minor things you too, can improve your Credit Scores.

You can improve your scores by paying down your current balance to 30% of the high credit limit.  Then by paying the minimum monthly payment plus $5.00 each month you can raise your Credit Scores significantly.  Do not payoff to Zero, this will not improve your score!

Do not close accounts:  if you do your scores will go down.  Do not condense your credit debt into one card to lower your interest rate.  This effort will lower your score drastically!

Closing an account basically closes the book, by doing so you have lost the credit responsibility you have worked so hard to build up.


If you want a guide to professionally guide you thru the process, and save you money, then Great American Funding Corp. can help you!


For more, FREE techniques call Steven Marche at 805-374-6000

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